The Ex Factor Guide Review is a tested study of a program The Ex Factor Guide created by Brad Browning. Who is professionally a Relationship coach and works as a relationship counsel as well. If you have break-up with your Lover and you don’t want that to happen & want to bring your lover back into your life and want to fix all your mistakes than this book is the best blessing for you to achieve your desire. This book contains all the guidelines (perfect words, timings to use those precious words, those stunning actions which will make your lover to have focus on your, Best ways of seducing, un-forgettable dates). It does not End here because you will also be able to understand, that what actions are unpleasant & un-Attractive in a relationship and what are Attractive characteristics which makes relationship adorable and long lasting.

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All these information will not only help you to get your Ex Lover back with you but it will also change you completely and you will understand the psychology of a relation, you will be able to apply all those information & techniques everywhere you want to apply in your entire life.

Is Not It Amazing …? You yourself will be able to draw moments anywhere you want and how you want and your love will just go crazy for you like never before.

Who is Brad Browning & why did he make The Ex Factor Guide ?

Author of “The Ex Factor Guide” book is brad browning. He is a Relationship counsel and have helped a lot of men and women to save their breakups. Yet he was not able to help everyone in this huge globe. That’s why he came up with an idea to write down all his experiences and knowledge regarding men and women relationship in that book. This Book has separate sections for men and women individually. Because conditions vary from men & women that’s he has offered a detailed information of how to get your Ex Lover back either it’s a male or female. Both procedures and techniques are described in this program.

What is Actually contained in this Book ?

The Ex Factor Guide actually consists of 13 different phases or chapters. The detail of all those 13 phases are give below.

Phase 1


Phase 2

Attractive Characteristics

Phase 3

Un-Attractive Characteristics

Phase 4

Panic + Acceptance

Phase 5

No Contact

Phase 6

Start Dating Other Men/Women

Phase 7

What to do ? When he/she contacts you

Phase 8

What to do ? when he/she does not contact you

Phase 9

The Date

Phase 10

Seduce Him All Over Again

Phase 11


Phase 12

Preventing Breakups

Final Phase

Desperation Tactics


The first 3 Phases are all information & learning (what to be and what not to be). But from 4th Phase and onwards it’s all achievement oriented. Every Phase is written amazingly with information that you can apply and use. Nothing is boring in this book & Everything is on purpose. You should not avoid any information because every bit of information is going to help you throughout your life with your relationships.

Brad Browning also gives you advice in this book that you should not step back and should not let your ex lover go away from your life, but you have you step forward, take actions and see the upcoming results. Take a time and control your panic and accept the reality that you are single now. You have nothing to lose now and all you have to do is to bring your ex lover back. He has  perfect words, Actions, Emotions & Sense for you to get your Ex Lover back into your life.

How Brad will be with you on this journey of getting your Ex Lover back ?

  • Brad also knows you as much as you know yourself
  • This Guide will become more motivating, positive and it will make you feel very confident
  • By reading this book, I must tell you that brad is very supportive and kind person. He told everything very sweetly & politely in this guide.
  • This Guide provide you advices which are doable and usable, and it contains complete detailed examples.
  • By The Time of reading and following you will feel like Brad is coaching you right in front of you.
  • In His advice you are being focused not your Ex Lover.

What Will You Get Along With This Book?

The Ex Factor Guide is a comprehension guide book of 220 pages created by Brad Browning. If You purchase it right now you will not only get a single PDF file, but you will also get 3 more extra bonus guides today free of cost. Both of these are very detailed and worthy guides. You will also get an Audio Recording of 5 hours and also a Video Recording of 3 hours with it.

  1. 160-page Interactive E-Book
  2. 5 Hour Pro Audio Course
  3. 3-Part Pro Video Series
  4. 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction (E-Book)
  5. 7 Steps to Sex Appeal (E-Book)
  6. Flawless Physique Fitness Guide (E-Book)

Some Strange Advices in This Book :-

Brad also told some strange advices in this guide Like, He said to make up a fake face book or any social networking account just to add some flirt guys n girls and let your ex lover see that. Well some might not think that it will work but hey it really works well in jealousy factor.

This Guide Does Not Work For :-

This Guide works for everyone but there are also those people, for whom it will not work. Those people who want to get their Ex Lover back into their arms over a night are mistaken. It’s a procedure which takes time. You will have to go step by step and follow the instructions according to the book slowly and steadily and in a mean time you will get your Ex Lover back into your life.

Actual Price For This Program :-

Total cost of this program must be somewhere equal to $344, But Brad Browning is offering this ultimate program in just $47. Well if you want to improve your love life then it’s a must buy now program to make your relation long lasting.

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60 Days Money Back Guarantee !

Well Most of the programs are scams because they don’t pay you when you buy those programs but it’s not like that in this program. Because If these techniques or information will not help you to get your ex love back then Brad Browning is offering you a 60 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program then email Brad browning and you will get your money back within the purchase of 60 days & No Questions will be asked. Yes !! No questions will be asked and you will get your money back.

Is It Safe To Purchase Online ?

Click Bank is retailer of this program “The Ex Factor Guide”. Click Bank is world’s leading internet retailer, Using their advanced 128-bit encrypted SSL Server to secure your data and personal information.

Our Experts Advice:-

Well those who have lost their lovers or about to lose one know how does it feel. Money can’t buy you happiness but if you act on the right time with the right actions you can reverse the outcome and can stick together with your lovers. $47 is a very cheap price for this tremendous program because you are not only going to get your lover back with it but you are also going to learn how to make him/her with you for the rest of your life with endless love. It Teaches you what actions, words, perfect texts and right timings to do stuffs which will make your lover adore you and will never let you go anywhere. So It’s worth a try and why not if you don’t get it done you will get your money back there no problem in this program at all.

Please Leave your feedback and reviews about this program under this post. I would love to know about your story as well. 🙂