German Shepherd Handbook Review is a tested study of 9 months  about different kinds of German shepherd dogs. The information is collected from their trainers, owners and from various well known importers of German Shepherd Dogs. If you are the owner of German Shepherd Dog or you are about to get one then this will be the greatest and most exciting information about German Shepherd Training you will ever read. This study reveals the secrets of how you can turn your German Shepherd Dog into a Happy, Healthy, Beautiful & well behaved German Shepherd Dog.

Author of German Shepherd HandBook:

Michael Tapscott is a professional German Shepherd Dog trainer and he has owned and trained a lot of German Shepherd Dogs which includes black, brown and even he has owned a white German shepherd Dog once as well. He also has been working as a volunteer with a dog rescue organization for years. His official website is

Is German Shepherd just a simple Dog ?

No it’s not just a simple dog because as everyone know that each dog breed is unique & German Shepherd is not an exception. German Shepherd is among the most popular of all breeds, and all of this is because of its loyalty and courage.

The reason to write down The German Shepherd Handbook Review & Guide ?

Most of the owners don’t understand how much attention, training, love and guidance is required to get their dog to develop their characteristics. This is the main reason for Michael Tapscott who have spent 9 months in researching, writing, and interviewing about the German Shepherd dogs from their owners, trainers, vetz, importers, dog owners and well known breeders to compile the ultimate German Shepherd Handbook.

What Secrets you will know from this book ?

This book will be your complete guide and it will teach you the following helpful information about your Dog.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach your German Shepherd to stop biting and chewing everything in sight?
  • It will teach you to know that your Dog loves you as much as you love him/her.
  • It will teach you so that you can train your own dog and obey your every comand.
  • This Book will teach you to make sure to get rid of your dog’s bad behavior for life time .
  • When you ask him to come to you, he comes
  • When you ask him to sit and stay, He does that.
  • You’ll Learn How To Get That ‘Best Friend’ Relationship With Your GSD, That Most Dog Owners Can Only Dream Of Having!
  • When you’re out for a walk and come to a street crossing, your dog sits patiently at the curb, and waits to heel by your side across the street.

You can learn and understand about your German Shepherd Dog completely and thoroughly from this book.

What is so special about this book? which you cannot find in any other book ?

Most of the people write books about dogs and their behavior which almost everyone know mostly, But in this book Michael Tapscott written a complete 9 month of tested knowledge which he collected by meeting a lot of German shepherd dogs and their trainers and owners.

During His Dog Rescue volunteer work Michael Topscott read all the information about German shepherd dogs in all the books but after reading it he realized it that it was not enough for anyone to know about this special & unique breed. He wanted to get more insider information about GSD as well. So he met world Renowned Professional dog trainers, two vets, three of the most well respected breeders and importers. After collecting all the information about GSD, He put all this information about GSD in his book and it is the most complete information you will ever get about GSD.

What’s Inside This Book ?

This book is divided between 8 different chapters of what you will get in this book, how you will know that is this German or American breed, which GSD to choose, how you will understand your GSD and how you will be able to train your German Shepherd Dog day by day.

Chapter 1:- Any Introduction to German Shepherd
  • A quick introduction to the breed and how it all started ?
  • 4 important Things you must do before bringing your German Shepherd home.
  • The three basic required qualities you must have for raising a GSD.
Chapter 2:- The History of German Shepherd Dog
  • Amazing History of the German Shepherd and how they came to be.
  • The Fascinating Development of the breed and how their different coats evolved.
  • Lean The Important Behavioral differences between the American and the German bloodline.
  • What is the breed standard ?
  • Discover what effects and consequences the popularity of the German Shepherd Dog has had.
  • What are the differences between the white and the black German shepherd ?
  • Why the German Shepherd Dog was once called the Alsatian Wolf.
Chapter 3:- Finding and Choosing Your German Shepherd
  • Is the German Shepherd right for you ? and the 3 most important things to consider before settling on this breed.
  • How to find and choose the right German shepherd for you? Lean everything from selecting the best breeder or shelter and how to especially point out the dog that’s perfect for you.
  • Are German Shepherds good with young children ? (Most probably yes but there is one crucial thing to think about if you are getting a puppy.
  • Should you get a male of a female GSD ? Is it better than the others or not ?
  • One place from where you should avoid getting a GSD from.
  • The fool-proof step by step method that guarantees that you find the perfect German Shepherd Puppy.
  • What to consider if you are planning to adopt a German Shepherd.
  • How to easily find and choose an adult German Shepherd dog. Things you should ask about before deciding up.
  • 5 Important things to consider if you are importing a German Shepherd.
  • How to Act towards your dog just after you have brought him/her home.
Chapter 4:- Feeding Your German Shepherd Dog
  • How to find the best food for your dog.
  • The best kind of diet for your German Shepherd.
  • The much-loved dog treat that’s actually healthy for your German Shepherd.
  • When to feed your GSD and how much.
  • How and when should you switch from “puppy food” to “adult food”?
  • The best kind of dog bones – And which to avoid!
  • What are the best supplements for your dog? Are they really necessary?
  • How NOT to feed your German Shepherd! (I can’t understand why people keep doing this)
  • Never give this treat to your GSD – It can cause fatal seizures.
Chapter 5:- Making  Your  Home  Safe
  • How to introduce your new German Shepherd to your home and the first steps to safety in your home.
  • How to “Puppy Proof” your backyard for your German Shepherd and eliminate possible dangers.
  • 9 common plants that are harmful to your dog (You better get rid of these now if you truly value your friend.
  • The best way to minimize separation anxiety of your German Shepherd.
  • A simple way to make sure your dog is happy and healthy all the time.
  • How to introduce your German Shepherd to a new dog friend.
  • How often should you do check-ups?
Chapter 6:- Your German Shepherd Training
  • Top training tips for your German Shepherd Dog!
  • A thorough guide to housebreaking your German Shepherd, quickly and easily.
  • Crate training – What it is and how you do it (Some people use “animal crates” or cages to train their dog… Sometimes, they do help, but there’s a good way and there’s a bad way to do it. I show you exactly how on pp.
  • Insider tips for training your dog to obey commands.
  • How to handle stubborn German Shepherds that won’t listen to your commands (Are you tired of your dog ignoring your “off” command and jumping up putting his paws onto the table?
  • The most important area of concern when it comes to training your GSD.
  • How to stop your German Shepherd’s habit of non-stop barking at other dogs and people.
  • Leash training tips – Many dog owners don’t even know the proper way to use a leash with a dog, here’s exactly how to do it.
  • The secrets of how to make your German Shepherd obey commands such as “Come”, “Sit” and “Stay”.
  • Tired of your German Shepherd biting everything in sight? Here’s how to stop biting problems forever and force your dog to grow out of its puppy behavior before it’s too late!
  • The controversial “Last Resort technique” that you can use if you’ve tried everything, but your dog still isn’t learning to obey your commands.
Chapter 7:- Grooming Your German Shepherd
  • How to keep your German Shepherd clean and healthy (This will cut your number of trips to the veterinarian in half!
  • The right way to brush and comb your German Shepherd.
  • How often you need to bathe your German Shepherd and how to do it (WARNING: Bathing your dog too often can strip its coat of its natural oils.
  • How to take proper care of your German Shepherd’s teeth (Poor dental health can affect a dog’s overall health so make sure you know how to do it right.
  • Two little-known shortcuts to speed up the grooming of your GSD.
  • How to take care of your dog’s nails and ears, and how often you need to do it.
Chapter 8:- Potential Health Problems
  • The 5 most important vaccinations that your German Shepherd must get.
  • Do all German Shepherds have hip problems? (Learn all about “Hip Dysplasia”and what you can do about it.
  • How old should your dog be should before you can get its hip X-rayed for Hip Dysplasia.
  • Learn about bloat and what you can do to prevent your German Shepherd from vomiting and getting gastric torsion.
  • Parasites and fleas often trouble GSDs – Find out what you can do about it.
  • How to deal with German Shepherd ear problems.
  • The things you need to have at home for treatment of things like bee stings and burns, and other first-aid tips.

Price Of German Shepherd HandBook ?

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Is It safe to purchase it online ?

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German Shepherd Hand Book Review is a 9 month of tested study about different kinds of German shepherd dogs and information collected from their trainers and owners. Reviews lounge is writing this information which is written in German Shepherd Hand book by Michael Tapscott and we are being compensate by reviewing it to you.

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