Old School New Body review is a tested study of a program called “Old School New Body”. Book has contained information about a Fitness program which is created by John Rowley , Steve Holman and his wife Becky Holman.  As you know that it’s very easy to work out when you are at the age between 15 to 35, but it gets tougher and less motivated after 35.  Because you start getting weaker, slower, tired and less energetic. Many people out there wants to work out on fat burn programs but they don’t find the best working programs, which shows excellent results.

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What is Old School New Body Program ?

“Old School New Body” program works for everyone but it is designed especially for those people who are over 40 years old. This program will help you to change your eating, work out habits & lifestyles. This program will not only change your shape quickly but it is also very safe to apply. These exercises are not harmful for your muscles and joints. It Comes with all the exercises and routines you wish for. It also provides the best nutritional information to help you to follow a proper diet plan. Reason to make this program was questions which people asked Steve and Becky Holmes that how did you do that at the age of 50 you look like 30. So They decided to write down a book for everyone and it was a hit because it was made by professionals and results were amazing too.

Author of this book :-

Steve Holmes and Becky Holmes are creator of this program. They both are professional Fitness Trainers. Who have wrote more than books about fitness programs in past as well and they are well known in the world of body building & fitness training. Steve has started weight training at the age of 15. He was very skinny with the weight of 119 pound. He has been training till now from last 35 years. He wrote more than 100 articles on fitness and nutrition’s till now. Steve also has been IM’s Editor in chief for more than 25 years.

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But Becky has a different story she has been working out from last 20 years. But she has never been a consistent trainer. She was working on and off, It’s because of her personal life responsibilities. She was also busy in raising 2 beautiful daughters. But when she reached at the age of 40. She became fed up and tired because of the overweight & dramatic appearance she had gained. But After that she made a fundamental Physical transformation in few months. That’s why her story has a major contribution in this Electronic Book “Old School New Body”. In “IRON MAN” magazine she is ordinary contributor of life style and nutrition’s adviser.

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Why this Program is Better Than Other Available Programs?

“Old School New Body Program” is better than all other available programs, because this program is made by professional fitness trainers who are working and helping thousands of people directly or indirectly through internet from last 35 years. This Program is especially designed for people above 40 years old. and safety precautions are carefully taken into this program. and Steve and Becky Holmes have made sure that nobody will get hurt while using this program or during the work out. Not Only that, This program is effective because Steve and Becky Holmes have used this program on themselves at first and got excellent results from it.

What is in “Old School New Body” workout plan ?

This Whole “Old School New Body” program is consisted of step by step patterns. we will go through these patterns in details in the following.

  1. F4X Protocol
  2. The Three Different F4X Workouts
  3. Motivation
  4. Joint Pains
  5. F4X Diet

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What is F4X Protocol:-

The F4X stands for Focus on 4 Exercises & all this workout plan will be working in patterns step by step. This may look so easy and while doing it you will feel it too in the first set but by doing it consistently after the first set it will start looking and feeling difficult. almost at the end of 3rd set you will feel that your muscles are not able to move as faster as you were able to use at first set. But when you reach at 4th set you will feel that your body is full heat-up and you will start sweating & exhausted. That’s the beauty of this program it cut down your fat and gets you in shape more faster than you know it.

These 4 exercises are (1-Squats, 2-Incline Presses, 3-Bent Over Rows, 4-Upright Rows)

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Following is the pattern you are going to do step by step.

  1. chose a weight which you can lift and can make at least 15 reps with it.
  2. You don’t really need to do 15 reps in each set just do 10 reps per set.
  3. You need to do 4 sets of 10 reps each.
  4. After each set take a rest for 30 to 35 seconds.

Why and How this F4X is effective technique?

This process is effective because of 2 reasons, which are given in the following.

  1. This Method is very effective because at the start it will reduce the injuries of your joints. You can move and stretch your body at the gym without adding a lot of weight. So, by doing that your knees, elbows, and wrists won’t suffer much like before. So, this whole process will reduce the risk of injuring yourself during workout.
  2. This whole system is focused on 3 different types of muscles which you have & we will be discussing about those in here.
  • There are Slow red tremble muscle fibers in your every muscle. They contain a huge strength but very less energy. They do the most workout during the first set.
  • But your fast red tremble muscle fibers have less strength but contain a lot of energy and they will be working during your set 2 and 3.
  • In the End You have Fast white tremble muscle fibers which have very little strength but contain a lot of energy. They will end up working during sets 3 and 4 When your every other muscles are very tired.

These muscles work together to speed up your workout and get the maximum results & making it extremely successful and effective workout to assist you to build muscles Mass and shape your muscle all together at the same time.

The Three Different F4X Workouts:-

Three different workouts are given below:

  • F4X Lean
  • F4X Shape
  • F4X Build


This workout is targeted towards beginners or people who have not been hitting in gym from a while. It is consisted on 4 different and most effective exercises which you can use to get excellent results. These 3 exercises can be done in just 30 minutes for 3 times a week. You can do this when you don’t have a lot of time for exercises but 30 minutes are not pretty much time to start this work.


But if you have enough time and you want to boost up the strength & power then you can do these core exercises to build up shape of your muscles. This exercises can be done from 45 minutes to one hour. You have to do this exercise thrice a week (3 times in a week). But it really depends on your mood and strength. Means if you are feeling tired you can one follow the Lean workout but if you are feeling fine and fit you can do the Shape workout plan.


This is actually the most intense of the 3 workouts. Those people who are looking to maximize their results like other professional body builders or those who are already working out regularly from a while. You have to do these workouts 4 times a week. But it’s your own choice if you usually want to stick around with Lean and Shape.

What you will be doing in those days when you are not going to lift weights?

  • Run, either in a park, or on the streets. Running/jogging is one of the best forms of cardio exercise.​
  • Cycle, either on a stationary bike or a regular bike. Cycling takes a toll on your legs, but it’s less intense for your upper body.
  • Use the elliptical machine. It’s not as successful as running or cycling, but it’s still a good choice for easy cardio.
  • Do Swimming. Swimming does push your upper body toughly, so it could actually go against the effects of your workout if you don’t rest.


Motivation is very important to start any workout because it is tiresome and very hard to attain, and at some level many people get tired of it because of muscle pain and tired bodies and quit to work out. First you have to make yourself mentally disciplined for weight loss and muscle building.

Some of the reasons which give you motivation is given below:

  • Focus on the reasons why you want to get yourself in shape.
  • Plan Your weight loss
  • spot the habits that stop you from reaching your goals.
  • Replace those bad activities with the productive activities.

Joint Pains:-

This is 4th part of this program. Join pain is very common in any type of exercise and everyone feels it either they are professional body builders or fitness trainers or those who are about to start their workout classes. So there is nothing to get scared off. This part will provide you all the information of how to work out properly in order to reduce join pain.

More importantly how to maintain the proper combination to person the exercises which are described above. You will also get information about food and nutrition’s which you will take. Not only that but a complete information of those foods will be provided to you as well which will be harmful to your joints as well. and it will teach you how to deal with Celiac disease, Arthritis, and other causes of joint inflammation.

The F4X Diet:-

The important and superior thing of this program is Diet Plan. and what’s so special about this diet is that it’s very simple. You will be able to learn what food to eat which is best and support for weight loss without reducing your diet. This Part will provide you complete information about the best nutrition to take. The complete information of calories consumption will be provided to you, that how much calories you are burning in workout and how much calories you should take and which foods you should take which will help you to reduce your fatness. All the information and diet plans which are described in this book are very easy to understand and follow.

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What We Loved the Most in this Book:-

  • The information – is very detailed.
  • The illustrations – for New comers to help them in weightlifting and fitness workouts.
  • The flexibility – This program works for everyone no matter you are beginner or expert.


What We Did not Like the Most:-

  • This book has very detailed information’s of those families who have tried it and got benefit from it. well it was not necessary at all & and it makes you feel bored. So, my advice is not to read that part.
  • The Layout of this book is a little cheeky and some of you might be struggling to read the text easily.

Our Experts Advice:-

This Program is 100 % guaranteed proven for all types of people with all age limits. This program is made by professional fitness trainers and price of this program is also very cheap. So it’s worth a try and it will definitely change your life and your body. Please share your reviews about this program with us.

Price for this Book:-

Price for this book is very economical. Average price for this book is $50. But you will get it in just $20 if you purchase it instantly from the link below. Life is so precious and you can never buy it with money. But You can apply right actions at right time to life happily.

Is It Safe to Purchase Online?

“Old School New Body” program owners are very sincere and serious about the client’s money and their satisfaction. That’s why they have partnered up with clickbank.com to handle all of your billing method. Clickbank.com is using their secure socket layer (128 bit encryption) to secure your data to purchase online.