Today I will review the Xiaomi redmi note 9 line-up which is one of xiaomi as more popular ones known to offer a ton of bang for your buck now as ninth generation is here.It includes the redmi note 9 pro which looks like a solid mid-ranger for a pretty low price.

Let’s see what it is all about the redmi note 9 pro which is the global version of the phone. It’s Pretty much the same as the India only redmi note 9 pro max except for a difference of 16 megapixel selfie cam the no9 pros looks are similar to many popular phones. 

We’ve seen lately it has a sleek looking glass build interstellar gray finish is quite glossy and mirror-like. It matches the frame nicely. The frame here isn’t from aluminium but matte plastic, it gives some extra grip and it’s resistant to smudge. Overally, the build feels solid at what you might expect it doesn’t offer any real waterproofing though with internals do have a sort of water-resistant coating on the front is a six point six seven inch IPS LCD panel with a 1080P resolution and a standard 60Hz Refresh rate. Screen of Redmi Note 9 is protected by GorillaGlass 5. Also it has a punch hole cut out at the top for the selfie camera like we’ve seen on many LCDs with a punch hole. This one has uneven backlighting around it which you’ll notice when there’s a bright enough background. 

Still this screen is quite nice, sharpness is good and contrast is decent for an LCD. Max brightness is good up to 460nits with the slider and after around 610nits in auto mode in bright conditions. Color accuracy is superb if you tweak the colors and settings.

Another special feature you have is, HDR10 support – it can only stream SD content from services like Netflix. Though due to only supporting level 1 of wide vines DRM for your audio the redmi note 9 pro has a single bottom firing loudspeaker. It posted an average result in our loudness test and in quality wise it  is just average. Also vocals sound is decent but you’re not getting much when it comes to bass, you do get a traditional headphone jack here. Nice for plugging in standard headphones without a hassle and their support for FM radio –

Above the screen there is a white notification LED that will let you know if you should check your phone. Also waking up and unlocking the redmi note 9 Pro is quite easy with the fingerprint reader located on the side power button. It’s always fast and accurate.The storage situation is decent here. You have options for 64GB or 128GB of on-board storage and it is expandable through microSD. 

Let’s quickly go over the interface. It’s the latest miUI 11 based on Android Tet is pretty standard for what you might be used to from Xiaomi, though it has been refined from previous generations. Google’s apps provide a lot of functions here, though there is a proprietary gallery, music player and video player. Since there’s no app drawer you’ll have to keep your apps on the home screen. Some versions of me I 11 have the option to enable the app drawer but our global version doesn’t have it. Here you get NFC support for contactless payments or connectivity. And there is a feature you’ll find that’s rather uncommon in IR blasters. With this you can control certain appliances with the phone. There’s a game turbo which acts as a hub for all of your games and provides plenty of options for customizing your gaming experience. 

Powering all of these features is a Snapdragon 720 G chipset. It’s a solid mid-range chip and performance is great. In this class heavy games run smoothly but it’s not just about gaming you get a fast and greasy experience. However you’ll be able to game for along time.The phone has 5020milliAmp power battery and scored an outstanding rating of 123 hours. In battery life test, impressing and filling up that large battery is no problem either, the bundled 30 watt charger is able to recharge the phone from 0 to 63% in just half an hour (30min). 

Xiaomi redmi note 9

Anything else you want to do? On the back of the redmi note 9 pro is a quad camera setup. there’s  a 64megapixel quad bay. Our main camera with a ultra-wide 5 megapixel macro cam and a depth sensor shots from the main camp come out in 16 megapixels and they are excellent for the class. There are plenty of resolved details, accurate colors, low noise and wide dynamic range. These are certainly great photos for this price point. There is a standalone 64 megapixel mode but what you get looks like something up-scaled from 16 megapixels and sharpened.

There’s no benefit here except for a minor gaining detail and the file size is huge, there’s a two times zoom on the viewfinder but this is just a digital crop from the main camp 16 megapixel photos with some loss. 

The 8megapixel ultra wide camera shoots some very good photos there’s enough detail, great contrast and above-average dynamic range. The distort correction does a nice job around the corners and overall we are happy with this camera.

Now onto the 5 megapixel macro camera . The close-ups here are great. They’re detailed and sharpened with little noisePlus. Since there’s autofocus, getting a sharp image is a piece of cake in low-light. The redmi note 9 pro shoots acceptable photos and that’s probably the best we can say there’s enough detail for this class. And color saturation is very good but there’s plenty of noise. Night mode is something you should use often. The exposure is improved and you get more detail in shadows and restored highlights. Plus These shots are quick taking less than 2seconds you do get a bit less detail but the results are worth it. In terms of exposure and dynamic range nighttime photos from the ultra wide-angle camera are barely usable. If at all they’re lacking in detail, big time pretty dark and the smeared noise ruins the whole page plus there’s no night mode support here.

Now onto selfies taken with a 16megapixel front-facing camera these are not that sharp but still they’re decent with good colors and contrast and great dynamic range with HDR engaged videoscan be captured with the main camera and up to 4k at 30fps. They have good color contrast and dynamic range as well as low noise. The detail level is somewhat average though the ultra wide camera shoots in 1080P and we like these videos, they’re sharp with good colors and contrast. Electronic stabilization is only available when shooting at 1080P at 30fps .

So that’s the xiaomi redmi note 9 pro. You get a premium looking glass build a large and bright LCD screen a competitive chipset nice and versatile camera setup and awesome battery life paired with fast charging all for a bargain price just 270 euros at launch. So then what is there to complain about not a whole lot to be honest there is uneven backlighting around the notch cutout which might annoy some people and you only get a standard 60 Hertz refresh rate while realme offers 90 Hertz at this price but these are pretty much just nitpicks the redmi note 9 pro takes all of the boxes feature wise for its class and even competes on some levels with much more expensive devices. It’s a great deal and it’s definitely worth a recommendation.

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